“If you can think it, we can create it..

Kharis consultants

Kharis Consultants, LLC lends support to existing small and micro, especially minority businesses, organizations, and individuals desiring to start their own organizations, by helping them establish sustainable, competitive, accountable and profitable institutions, geared toward the betterment of their families and communities

Customer Testimonials

Strategic Company

Kharis Consultants LLC is the kind of organization I needed, They took a simple strategic plan and wrote a clear, visual mind map of what the next five years would look like for Legacy Family Center. It has been an honor to work with Kharis Consultants and their passion for simplicity.

Victoria Karpeh
Legacy Family Center

My Testimony

Kharis Consultants, LLC, has been a blessing to me since I was introduced to the president of the company. This man, Mr. Henry Black, is a man full of God’s spirit about others; he will feel your pain and have a sleepless night to see how he can help you succeed. I wish all that he is doing to help me reestablish my business and to open another new business would come out successful and make my dreams come true and bring my life back.

Eric N. Chi
E & E Healing Hands Home Care, LLC Staffing / E & E Cameroon (AFRICA) Import & Export, LLC

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